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Welcome to Walter N. Coffman Inc.

Architectural Foam Fabrication Professionals

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Are you considering foam shape technology?

You've come to the right place. WNC's professional fabrication team will help you add architectural class to any residential or commercial structure. Architects, builders, contractors, and home owners are asking WNC to create virtually any shape. Our technology is limited only by your imagination.


What are the architectural uses for EPS foam?
Our foam creations are a smart alternative to work done in metal, wood or concrete. It is molded and finished to replicate most any finish including painted wood, stone, and other precast materials. Applications for interior and exterior include...

♦ Crown Moldings Window Frames, Sills & Shutters
Columns Signs & Logos
♦  Arches Fireplaces
Rosettes Mirror or Art Frames
Trim Accents & Moldings Dimensional Designs
Walls & Wall Caps  

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Why use foam shapes?
Not only are foam shapes affordable and lightweight, we can apply finishes to suit your design needs - granite, limestone, travertine, wood, plaster, and many more.

Foam shapes are easily installed over existing faces with no framing and pre-finished to your specifications. For standard crown moldings it's as easy as measure, cut, glue, & caulk.

Easily cut to those 'irregular' conditions, EPS foam can be cut, mitered, or shaped on site without special tools or equipment.

Trying to figure out how to create an intricate design? Our fabrication technology can handle virtually any shape.

Trying to match a specific texture like granite, stone, or wood? Our coatings can accomplish the task.

Amazing Durability & Low Maintenance Impervious to Pests
Cost Effective Weather & Fire Resistant
♦ Lightweight & Easy to Install  

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